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Jul 08

memoQ templates for translators

Tweet Translation and revision are almost always tasks that require some organization and management. We receive jobs from our clients, often with some additional resources, like TMs, TBs and references. We also need to be able to track our progress on jobs we do, which involve different tasks. All this led to introduction of project-based …

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Mar 03

Machine translation in memoQ

Tweet Machine translation (MT) is here to stay. Used properly, it can be a tremendously useful tool, improving translators productivity and simplifying work on relatively simple translations within certain domains. At the same time, improper use of MT can be a hindrance for translators, slowing them down and frustrating with useless suggestions. For “proper” use …

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Jan 30

Memsource files in memoQ

Tweet When it comes to online CAT-tools I personally consider Memsource as one of the better ones – it’s reasonably fast, offers decent functionality and usability. It’s even better with local (but not offline) client, which can undock some windows, so you can have concordance and TM matches on screen at the same time. Still, …

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Nov 15

memoQ auto-translatables for numbers

Tweet memoQ is an excellent CAT/TEnT tool which offers plenty of advanced productivity features out of the box, but with little tinkering can be made even more useful. One of the advanced memoQ features is Auto-translatables: using regular expressions you can define how certain source text should be modified in target language. The rules can …

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Nov 07

Importing Studio TM and TB into memoQ

Tweet memoQ is great tool with many interoperability features, including easy SDLXLIFF file import/export, ability to import Studio packages and generating Studio return packages. And while packages are imported with translation memories and term bases, strangely the ability to import stand-alone Studio TMs (SDLTM) and TBs (SDLTB) is nowhere to be found in the UI. And this …

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May 23

memoQ 2015 project filtering

Dashboard for "project manager" license owners, without news feed.

Tweet On Friday, May 22nd, during the memoQfest conference in Budapest, Kilgray officially released memoQ 2015. One of its new features is redesigned Dashboard view – the screen you see when you start the application. And although it looks better than in previous versions, initially I was disappointed with the new filtering feature. But after …

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May 18

memoQ 2015 preview

Tweet Tomorrow I’m leaving for Budapest to attend memoQfest conference, where new memoQ2015 will be officially presented. I was lucky enough to receive beta version for testing. I’ve been using it for a bit over a week and I’m ready to share my impressions. In short: solid, steady improvement, but no revolution. And that’s a …

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Mar 15

Segmentation rules for text with references

Tweet If you happen to translate text with numbered references, you’ve probably encountered problem with incorrect segmentation when the reference number is placed just after end of sentence period, like this: This is an example sentence.² With a second sentence added. In most cases the above sentences will be imported to CAT tools as a single …

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Jul 06

XML translation – part 2: memoQ

Defining non-translatable tags based on attributes

In my previous post I’ve described what is XML, what is it for and what are the particular components. This time I’m going to show you how to properly import almost any XML file into memoQ for translation. I’m going to reference the files described in previous part, so you might want to look there for comparison and file structure description.

Jun 04

memoQ 2014 – first impressions

Tweet New memoQ is coming and you’d better grab it as soon as it arrives! Kilgray assumed a steady schedule of new major memoQ versions – once a year, somewhere during the summer. This time it’s June, the version is 2014, and the list of changes and new features is really, really long. I have …

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