Oct 29

Terminology mining from Eur-Lex corpora

euThe conference #TranslatingEurope Forum 2016 was held on October 27-28 in Brussels. Besides presentations, the conference included two sessions of mini-workshops: the idea was to present some practical aspect of translation in small group – three people at a time. The workshops included my submission on terminology mining. I realized from the start that participants won’t be able to remember anything from 15-minute session with three different software tools, I have prepared handouts with some background information I had no time to introduce and description of all steps presented in the procedure. Since the workshop was quite popular (all groups were far larger than 3), I’m publishing somewhat extended version of the handout, which is available here:  Terminology_mining.pdf.

You can use the text freely, but if you use it for any derivative work, please credit the author.

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