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Feb 26

Change Tracker: translation review report in just several clicks

Tweet Recently my work focus moves slowly from translation to review. And after you perform a review, you often have to document the changes, especially when there is a lot of them. Although the newer CAT tools offer track changes function (available, for example, in memoQ or Trados Studio), the creation of a report readable …

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Jun 05

MemoQ automation – auto-translatables

Tweet MemoQ is a fast, easy to use and very powerful CAT tool. However, in the default configuration it does have two features I don’t like: the QA module often gives warnings concerning numbers (“invalid number format in source/target prevents strict matching”), and the software does not allow to copy numerical values from source segments …

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Feb 27

How to export multilingual MultiTerm glossary

MultiTerm is one of the most powerful data terminology management tools on the market. Unfortunately, it is very far from being user friendly. MultiTerm is very flexible, but the logic behind the UI is… twisted (do you know H.P. Lovecraft works?). Anyway, while it is quite simple to export bilingual termbase via Tab-delimited export definition to CSV file, exporting a multilingual TB is another mater entirely. I’m going to detail a process of exporting MultiTerm termbase/glossary with metadata.

Jul 14

Translating WordFast TXML in memoQ

WordFast as a Word add-on (currently version Classic) was always quite popular – it was not expensive, simple and fully compatible with Trados. However, last year the company released a completely new version – WordFast Pro is written from the ground up in Java, which makes it possible to use it on different operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS). The software works in table layout typical for all new CAT tools and is… quite specific. It does have a lot of fans, unfortunately I don’t like it (especially the terrible way it handles insertion of tags). Luckily, we don’t have to translate .txml files using WordFast, it can be done with memoQ. Below you’ll find the procedure step-by-step.

May 30

Importing glossary entries to MultiTerm

MultiTerm is a powerful software, but it was clearly written by people with a mindset completely alien to most of the people who are supposed to use it. Translators, for whom Trados was the first CAT tool often does not value glossaries too much, simply because Trados does not encourage the use of glossaries. Creation and maintenance of MultiTerm glossaries is not a something very simple, and even such – it would seem – trivial task as generating a database from glossary in Excel file can be a real pain. Is it possible to import a glossary in a quick and painless way? Read on.

Mar 04

A freelancer perspective on the GeoWorkz

Tweet Yesterday I attended a webminar by Lionbridge (LIOX) about their new translation tool – Translation Workspace aka GeoWorkz – which is to replace Logoport in all jobs ordered to freelance translators worldwide.

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