Oct 23

Amended H and P phrases

MSDSLast December I’ve created and published here a spreadsheet with H and P phrases plus S and R statements from CLP regulations.  Time goes by and the EU regulations get updated. On July 1st a unified text of EC Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP) was published, which includes all amendments introduced by regulations: 790/2009/EC, 286/2011/EU, 618/2012/EU, 487/2013/EU, 517/2013/EU, 758/2013/EU, 944/2013/EU 605/2014/EU, 1297/2014/EU and Corrigendums OJ L 016 and OJ L 138. I have created a new spreadsheet with H and P phrases, but without R and S statements fom CHIP regulation, since they are not valid anymore as of June 1st, 2015.

The document is available as Excel file or tab-delimited text file (CSV).

* * *

Dislclaimer: While I have prepared the file with due diligence by extracting text from regulation published by Eur-Lex service, if you are using the file, you are responsible for validation of it’s contents.

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