May 17

Regular expressions in memoQ

Regular expressions are special rules which allow us to find a text meeting specified conditions and do something useful with it. In memoQ, this “something useful” may mean segmentation, “auto-translation”, conversion to a tag, or including/excluding text from translation. Regular expressions can be used in memoQ to greatly extend its functionality. During this year’s memoQfest, the memoQ user conference, I gave a short presentation on regular expressions in memoQ, and since several people asked me to share the presentation, I decided to publish it here, for everyone interested. It’s a slightly modified version of memoQfest presentation – I’ve added two slides and several slide titles, to make it more readable without comment.

You can view/download the presentation here.

Please bear in mind, that the introduction part is very brief (the whole presentation was scheduled for 45 min) and contains only those regexp vocabulary elements, which were necessary to explain rules presented later in the “practical” part. If you’d like to know more about regular expressions, see links at the end of the presentation.

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