memoQ courses

I have been conducting memoQ trainings since 2009, became a certified trainer in 2010, and provided dozens of courses in various settings. I offer training at any level for individual users, translation companies and enterprises. The content of each training is customized and adjusted to individual client needs based on information gathered at the planning stage. When conducting courses I focus on workflows and usage scenarios, always providing both broader outlook and detailed information with regard to particular problems and their solutions, taking into account the attendees base knowledge.

I offer both online (for individuals and groups) and on-site training/courses.

You can also meet me providing courses and master classes at various conferences (including memoQfest) and during regular memoQ courses organized by The All-round Translator (ART) in the Netherlands.

Regular expressions for translators

Regular expressions (regex for short) are very useful for all things translation-related: from file preparation, file import, text cleanup, segmentation rules, converting text to tags, to filtering and find and replace operations. While I do not consider myself an expert on regex, I know a thing or two and I offer training services with plenty of sample cases from various translation-related use cases. As in the case of memoQ, both online and on-site trainings are possible (and check the offer of ART).